How to Book Your Life in the UK Test

ace the Life in the UK testThe Life in the UK test is a twenty four item multiple choice exam that runs for a full duration of forty five minutes and is administered for people who wish to submit an application for British citizenship or indefinite settlement in the United Kingdom. Booking the test isn’t as hard as one might think and we are here to help you understand the process. Now hurry up, gather along and bring out your pen and notebook for some notes!

First of all, keep in mind that you have to book or schedule your Life in the UK test for at least seven days prior to your chosen date. Anything later than that will not be accepted so be sure to know when you’d like to take it ahead of time so you can book on schedule.

When booking, be sure to bring with you a debit or credit card for the payment, an active email address and an accepted form of identification:biometric residence permit, certificate of identity document (CID), convention travel document (CTD), EU identity card, full or provisional UK photocard driving licence, immigration status document endorsed with a UK residence permit on a passport with a photo, passport or a stateless person document (SPD).

Visit this site for a thorough guide:

The test will cost you £50. This shall be payable upon the date of booking and must be paid in full. Also prepare a proof of your address (e.g. bank or credit card statement, Council Tax bill, utility bill, letter from the Home Office with your name and address on it or UK photocard driving licence) since this will be required during the exam date itself.

One is allowed to freely choose among the over sixty testing centers. These are spread all throughout the United Kingdom to provide convenience for examinees. Be sure that you choose one that is nearest you or suits your convenience the most. Keep in mind that tardiness will hinder you from taking the exam and you cannot rebook or take a refund under such reason.

The Life in the UK test is only administered to individuals eighteen years of age and above excluding those over sixty five.

Cancellation with full refund is only allowed if you do so seven days or more before the date of the exam. Should the testing center be the one to cancel on you, you can claim your Life in the UK test refund provided that you do so within three months from supposed exam date.